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G-Switch 4


After the huge success of G-Switch 3 and its earlier versions, the long wait for the latest version is finally over. Yes, you guessed it right! The G-switch series has another new entrant ready to hit the gaming arena this season.


About the game
The 2017 release of G-switch 4 from Vasco Freitas has lots of fun up its sleeves, with surprisingly new obstacle points, as well as three exciting game modes. And seeing from a techie’s view point, there are some bug fixes, periodic updates and lots of upgrades. Being another awesome game with a single button play mode, you need some real skill to play like a pro, which surely makes it the chart-buster game in the Skill category.

How to play G-Switch 4
Just like its previous versions, you can play G-Switch 4 in solo as well as with other players on the platform. Let’s find out how.

Going solo
While playing in the single player mode, in G-Switch 4, there will be two runners in a game and you will need to control both. There will be distractions and illusions in the form of saw bags, which are likely to get up off track. So, be careful and cautious which you move ahead because they might be there just to trap you and fool you around.

You get the leverage to use dual boosters in the game. Another surprise is the option for cloning game in multiplayer modes.

Multiplayer game mode
In G-Switch 4, five new characters in new avatars have been created. So, while playing in the multiplayer mode, in contrast to single player mode, you get the choice of playing with eight different characters altogether, customizing their controls the way you want. It is cool, exciting and require some real skill to face and defeat seven other opponents at the same time. Playing in reverse gravity

The all new G-Switch is ahead of its older cousins in terms of moving in the reverse gravity. It requires staying aloof, alert and using your mental reflexes to stay ahead of seven other guys in reverse gravity. You basically keep running to reverse the direction of the gravity with a lot of spins and jumps, leaving the rest of the seven miles behind you.

Click “Play” for either of the options “Solo” (Single Player mode) or “Endless” (multiple player mode), available on the left of the screen. Then press the “enter” key to begin. Now left click on your mouse. This allows you to land on the ground from the ceiling. Now, to get started in the multiple player modes, you will need to use the key command as per your unique player sequel number. Player 1 will Press C, Player 2 will press the letter M, Player 3 will press CTRL, and Player 4 will press right Arrow and so on,